AU seniors put art on display

Tue, 2012-07-24 10:49 -- univcomm
Wilson Galleries at Anderson University is filled with a variety of artworks for the public to see, ranging from graphic design, sculptures, painting, glass works, ceramics and photography. They are part of “Exposure,” which focuses on the creative works of 13 of Anderson University’s senior art students. The show will remain open through May 11. “I think it is a really strong show. It’s probably the strongest they’ve had in a while, just because there are so many people and there are so many mediums represented,” said Sarah Matas, who has glass sculptures on display (IMAGE: Tai Mullen: Still Life with Poinsettia and Blue Teapot. Oil on Canvas).

After graduation she plans to go to Chicago to do glass blowing work, and enjoy a little time off, before pursuing graduate studies.

Jessica Curless has created a unique dress for the show, a dress that lives up to the “Exposure” theme. It’s a dress covered with a collage of pictures.

“It’s dealing with things from my past, and from high school,” said Curless, a photography major. “I’m letting people into my world.”

Curless plans to further her photography studies by going to Columbia University.

Tai Mullen has an oil painting in the show, featuring one of her favorite subjects – plants.

“It’s what I most generally do, paintings of plants,” she said. “I like the intimate spaces that they enclose and the patterns that they make three dimensionally…I’m trying to capture the stillness of the plants at the time that I see them, as well as the way that they are able to grow in that space. It is a body of work that I have been developing for about 1 ½ years.”

Sarah Smith created ceramic pieces and went a step further by documenting through photographs where they were placed and what happened to them afterward.

“Its kind of like a study on relationship between people, objects and places,” she said.

Smith placed the ceramics in 20 different sites.

“I used them to map out my daily routine; I’ve placed them indifferent places where I go every day,” said Smith. “Over a 28-day period, I went back and photographed them to document what happened to them.”

One photo showed a ceramic piece placed in a tree. When she went back, it was gone.

“This one was in the library (at AU), and it got moved,” she said showing a photograph. “I think it was in somebody’s way. It was moved to another spot for a while, and then it was gone.”

One ceramic piece was placed in a restroom at Decker Hall. It stayed there for an hour before it was removed.

“I got a call from a lady who said she had taken it and put it in her office,” said Smith, who learned the woman liked it a lot. “It was funny because she tracked me down to find out who I was.”

Smith admires the artworks of her peers in “Exposure.”

“I think the work is really strong this year. We have a lot of diversity, a lot of different kinds of works to see,” she said. “I think it will be a really react show for the public to see.”

Amanda Legge, a graphic design major, agreed.

Legge also found it enjoyable to work with the other seniors in the show.

It’s a collaborative piece,” she said of the exhibition. “It’s neat to have the different majors come back together to collaborate and put this show on together.”

Also showcasing works in “Exposure” are seniors Kyle Jennings, Dustin Daugherty, Heidi Leitzke, Ann Rust, Shannon Zajicek, Jena Swenson, Katie Kaelber and Rose Delph.