Center receives state grant

Wed, 2012-07-25 08:22 -- univcomm

The Center for Character Development at Anderson University has recently been awarded a $60,000 grant from the Center for School Improvement and Performance within the Indiana Department of Education. The funds from the grant will used to support a special three-day Indiana Character Education Institute, June 10-13, on the campus of Anderson University.

The Indiana Character Education Institute will be the first event of its kind within the state and is sponsored by the newly formed Indiana Partners for Character Education (ICPE).

“With the caliber of the partners involved already in the IPCE, the quality of presenters who will be involved in the institute, and the excellence of the teacher/community participants, this event promises to be an outstanding opportunity to further focus us on the exemplary quality of character education in our state,” said Dr. Evelyn Holt-Otten, Consultant for Service-Learning and Character Education in the Office of Program Development at the Indiana Department of Education. “The institute will provide a great opportunity to showcase the many fine character education efforts already underway in the state and helps us to build further upon those connections.”

The ICPE includes the Indiana Department of Education; The Mendelson Center for Sport, Character and Culture at the University of Notre Dame; the Indiana State PTA; the Purdue 4-H Cooperative Extension; the NCAA and the Citizenship through Sport Alliance; the ERIC Clearinghouse for Reading and Language Arts at Indiana University, the Metropolitan School District of Lawrence Township, the Indiana Commission on Community Service and Volunteerism and the Center for Character Development at Anderson University.

“There is a need to help Indiana’s teachers address the topic of character in their classrooms and communities,” said said Don Peslis, Director of the Center for Character Development at AU. “In order to provide a clear, consistent message on the importance of developing good character, there must be an opportunity where thoughtful strategies and ‘best practices’ can be shared and embraced. The resources provided through this grant now make this concept a reality.”

The goal of the Indiana Character Education Institute will be to discuss character education topics and provide resources for invited participants to create a character initiative in local school districts and communities. Teachers, community stakeholders, parents and school administrators interested in attending the Character Education Institute can apply by contacting the Center for Character Development at Anderson University at 765-641-3871 or through the Web at

The mission of The Center for Character Development at Anderson University is to recognize, enhance, teach and sustain positive qualities in the lives of persons in order to promote civility through character development. The intent of this initiative is to foster greater understanding and cooperation among individuals and organizations and help develop a positive environment to address issues that will shape the future.