Campus welcomes groups

Wed, 2012-07-25 08:34 -- univcomm

Six major events took place over a long weekend on the campus of Anderson University, making it the busiest weekend of the entire year, according to Cheryl Sank, director of Conference and Performance Events. Over the last week, thousands attended various events on campus, keeping Shank’s staff, as well as maintenance and housekeeping busy almost non-stop.

Bishop-Dullaghan Passing Clinic brought 377 high school football players to a weeklong session, along with 40 coaches to teach them skills to improve their performance. Practices three times a day in 90 degree weather kept Sarah Tyner, a junior majoring in athletic training, hopping as she provided plenty of ice and other necessities while staying in Martin Hall where the football players stayed all week.

“We want these kids to have a great experience because those kids who are the junior highers right now are going to have to make decisions for college down the road and maybe their experience will impact on that decision,” said Shank.

J. R. Bishop, the owner of the Bishop-Dullaghan group and coach at Wheaton College, stated that the staff here over the last seven summers his group has attended has been very helpful and flexible.

Along with these two groups, there was also a wedding reception outside, a SOAR registration meeting, an MBA banquet, and leaders arriving for this week’s CIY Youth conference and rally, where 1,200 youth from various churches will attend and stay on campus during the event.

According to Josh Finklea, three reasons CIY continues to hold its youth conferences and rallies at Anderson University include its good geographical location to Ohio and Illinois, where some of their youth come from, the attractive campus and very helpful staff, and the facilities are conducive to what they need.

“Cheryl and her staff treat us better than any place we could go,” said Finklea. “We have a lot of nice campuses we get to work with, but this has been the best so far.”