Williams directs Health Services

Wed, 2012-07-25 10:19 -- univcomm

Karen Williams comes on staff this year as the new Director of Health Services after graduating from Indiana University School of Nursing, with a Master of Science in Nursing, in 1983. As Karen will be responsible for the well being of students on campus, she has brought plenty of experience from the health care field with her. Karen served as the Health Services Coordinator and program author of School Health Services Program, which serves 10,000 plus children in Washington Township.

“I am going to enjoy the challenge of a new position here at A.U. with new things to learn and experience,” said Karen.

Not only does Karen work on campus to cure and diagnose student’s illnesses and injuries, but also works with other health services for students with special needs and can refer them to specialists off campus. Karen’s hours as director are not set in stone because she is on call during weekends and evenings for student emergencies through the RD’s.

“I am most looking forward to building relationships with students and helping support their health needs in order for them to be successful with their chosen major. I love working with the students,” added Karen. “I learn something new from each student I meet which makes me a better nurse and person!”

After teaching nursing at Ball State for eight years and driving to Indianapolis for the past nine years for work, Karen needed a change in her life. Only being two miles from campus, Karen wanted to “give back to the community I lived in for the past 20 years.”

“God lead me here. This is what He wanted me to do right now in my life,” said Karen.

Karen’s husband, Jack, works for Spring House Music Company in Alexandria and her son, Jesse, is a freshmen this year at A.U.