AU promotes the "IM Revolution"

Wed, 2012-07-25 10:45 -- univcomm

In her days as an R.A. and student on campus, Jill Miller dreamed of being an R.D. one day. After graduating in 2001, Miller has returned to campus to fulfill her dream as the R.D. of Myers Hall but her responsibilities at A.U. do not stop there. Miller not only accepted the job and moved back on campus with her husband into the co-ed dorm, but she is the supervisor of intramurals (IM) through CAB on campus as well. “I love living where I work and working where I live,” said Miller. “I was thrilled in being offered both jobs and I just feel like it has always been my ‘niche.” The IM program took a major leap from previous years by adding more activities for students.

As a 2001 graduate, Miller is from Brownsburg, Ind., and was a family science major. After her years at A.U., she worked in a domestic violence shelter before applying as an R.D. and IM supervisor. In this role, Miller oversees three students (Brandon Casburn, Abby Herreman and Mike Greenhoe) but feels their roles to be more significant and the “brains” behind the operation. “I may see the program as a whole, but my students who work under me are more hands on than I am with the program,” added Miller.

By last year being the start, under the direction of former director of student life J.R. Kerr, the IM program took a major leap from previous years with adding more activities for students. Under the new director, Dean Branson, the teams have “exploded in popularity on campus.”

“It is so important for students to realize that exercising, competition, fellowship and just a break from studies are really great ways to escape for them,” commented Branson. “IM is a great place to start.”

With an estimated 300 plus students being involved in soccer and flag football and another 300 in volleyball and floor hockey, the IM program is figuring out how to handle so many students participating.

Miller said that it has been harder to find a balance between referees and playing games each week. For instance, some IM flag football teams were playing two games a day while in volleyball this year; there are not enough courts to play more than an average of five games.

Through all the scheduling and planning that goes into the IM year, Miller and Branson both feel that IM is a wonderful outlet for students on campus. Working as a team, building friendships and exercising is always a fun way to get involved on campus.

So what are you waiting for? Be one of the hundreds of A.U. students who are enjoying and living out a healthy lifestyle.

IM offers the following programs:

  • Soccer, flag football and powder puff
  • Volleyball and floor hockey
  • Basketball and indoor soccer
  • Ultimate Frisbee and softball

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— Writer Stefanie Kinstle is a student assistant in the office of Media and Electronic Communications at Anderson University