IYW speaker challenges students

Wed, 2012-07-25 11:14 -- univcomm

Oreon Trickey spoke in chapel to students, staff and faculty about how everybody can make a difference in the world. “Many people do random things everyday to impact the world and sometimes do not realize it,” said Trickey.

With her unique style of reaching people, Trickey came onto stage with an acoustic guitar playing and singing about how Jesus changed her life for the better. Students responded well to her style of worship and speaking as she interacted with the chapel attendees.

Oreon Trickey is the director of The Joshua Center located in Chicago. Oreon’s program offers services for homeless women through the shelter. Joshua Center provides emergency overnight shelter for women, as well as meals and case management. Free medical care is also given for women needing physicals for job interviews or personal medical needs. According to The Joshua Center Web site, every week, homeless women at the Joshua Center have the opportunity to receive free medical exams and care.

Trickey studied at the Olive Branch Mission in Chicago, and as Chicago City Director and then Program Director for the Mission Year program headquartered in Philadelphia. She also worked as Director of Student Ministries at Spring Arbor University in Michigan. Her place in ministry began in 1973 and continues today as speaker, performer, songwriter, recording artist, worship leader and mentor.

Trickey told students that she has “been impacted more than she has impacted.” She believes that once people let Christ impact their lives they then can impact others.

“The most important thing is to be impacted by something bigger than yourself.”

She challenged students to ask themselves, “How are you going to use your knowledge and experiences to impact? What do you want to see happen to impact others? Why are you here and what is your agenda?”

Trickey wants students to reflect and to take notice this week on why people are impacted by other people or Jesus one day then “fizzle” after a convention or a week like Impact Your World week.

She left chapel with one question for everyone: “What is your mission statement?”

The Mission Fair in Decker Commons will be available Tuesday, January 27 from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. and Wednesday, January 28 from 8 a.m.-12 p.m. The Mission Fair is sponsored by AUCME.

Along with the fair, Trickey will be available for students all week in the Marketplace, different class sessions, at evening services and at chapel on Thursday. Below is a list of all available opportunities to hear Trickey speak.

Tuesday January 27
10 a.m. Chapel in Reardon Auditorium
7 p.m. Evening service at Park Place Church

Wednesday January 28
10 a.m. Self and Society Class in Decker 231 (Lisa Pay)
3 p.m. Intro to Missions in Hartung 102 (Stuart Erny)
7 p.m. Evening service at Park Place Church

Thursday January 29
10 a.m. Chapel in Reardon Auditorium
2:30 p.m. Sociology in Fine Arts 168 (Lisa Pay)
7 p.m. Evening service at Park Place Church

Impact Your World Week to offer students and the community an opportunity for worship and study with an off-campus speaker.

Over 80% of the homeless women that come to Breakthrough's Joshua Center have no health insurance or public aid. Through the medical clinic, they can receive flu shots, eye and ear tests, and screenings for TB, HIV, and other STDs. Christine Smith conducts Pap screenings every other week. Through the “Purposeful Acts of Kindness,” “Manna Ministry,” and “Tool Team,” anyone can volunteer at the center or apply for the internship program. For internship opportunities visit http://www.breakthroughministries.com or call 773.722.0179, x15.