Anderson, Indiana

Michael Bruce

Mon, 2012-04-30 11:30 -- batch_migrate

Michael Bruce

Professor of Marketing
(765) 641-4009

Why do you choose to teach/work at Anderson University?

Opportunities to impact students at both undergraduate and graduate levels plus pretty cool people. The FSB faculty are a terrific group of people who constantly challenge each other to strive to reach our highest potential.

What is something that you have been part of at AU that brings you joy?

Seeing students succeed. I love to hear from former students who are making a difference in the world. Their success stories really give me a deep sense of satisfaction.

What do you like to do for fun?

Ride my "bike" [motorcycle], woodwork, tinker in the garage, and watch Star Trek reruns.

What is one thing that makes you unique?

How many other senior citizens do you know that ride a cruiser motorcycle, watch Star Trek Next Generation reruns, and loves statistics? How cool is that?

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