Anderson, Indiana

Barry Ritchey

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Barry Ritchey

Professor of Economics
(765) 641-4357

Why do you choose to teach/work at Anderson University?
I have taught at a large state university with classes in excess of 200 students and with only three office hours per week. That is not my style, nor does it match my philosophy of teaching. When I came to AU it was a completely different mindset. Both of my sons graduated from AU, as did their wives. So for us, this is a part of our family.

What is something that you have been part of at AU that brings you joy?
There is no greater joy than seeing the seniors march down the honor aisle. They march single file between two lines of faculty. It is their accomplishment, but our great joy to take part in that outcome. Graduation day for the grads is "payday" for the faculty.

What do you like to do for fun?
I have four grandchildren who keep us in a constant mode of fun and frolic. This is a wonderful stage of life. When my wife and I get tired we send the little ones home to their parents. Life is good!

What is one thing that makes you unique?
So, three guys died — a pastor, a fireman, and an economist. They all went to heaven and met St. Peter at the pearly gates. St. Peter says, "Follow me guys, and I will show you where you will spend eternity." First, the fireman sees his home in heaven, a modest three-room house with a nice garden. Then they move on to the pastor's place; again, a modest three room house with a flower garden. Then they went to see the economist's home. It was a beautiful mansion with gold inlaid door knobs and several rooms with servants. At seeing this mansion, the fireman was taken back and asked, "Why this mansion for the economist when I have spent my life serving others and saving lives?" The pastor as well was chagrined at the opulence given to the economist. St. Peter responded by saying, "Well, it's just that we never had an economist make it to Heaven before ..."

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