Anderson, Indiana

Michael D. Wiese

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Michael D. Wiese

Professor of Marketing
(765) 641-4365

Why do you choose to teach/work at Anderson University?
This is a wonderful team of people who I really love to work with. We are friends. I always wanted to be part of a top-quality business program that is focused on business from a Christ-centered perspective. This is what I have found at AU.

What is something that you have been part of at AU that brings you joy?
I have been blessed to work alongside people with hidden talent and see them discover their greatness and their sense of calling. Examples of this include our students winning national marketing contests and working with the SIFE team. It has been amazing to see young people aspire to serve and then find that they are capable of doing remarkable work.

What do you like to do for fun?
My wife and I love to travel. I am really a beach bum. If you want to talk about "best beaches," I am ready to chat. Plus, I have fun when I am out on some trail hiking through the forest. On a daily basis, I just try to have fun every moment.

What is one thing that makes you unique?
I am one of just a few people that I know who have walked, in one day, from the south rim of the Grand Canyon to the north rim. That is 21 miles. I did it when I was 46 — not bad for a guy who is not very athletic. It was not pretty!

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