Anderson, Indiana

Emmett Dulaney: Let's agree to disagree

Tue, 2012-08-14 11:42 -- univcomm
August 14, 2012

Think of the one topic that you are most passionate about. Now, know for certain that whatever your position is, mine is the exact opposite. I not only think they should put an incinerator in your backyard — with all the work remotely done by exploited Chinese laborers (children, at that) — but I also think they should build a failing public school right over it. In order to make all of this possible, they should raise your taxes and charge more for gasoline.

Emmett Dulaney: Can you fill this out?

Thu, 2012-08-09 11:42 -- univcomm
August 9, 2012

It troubles me when merchants ask that I go online after I get home and complete a survey following every transaction. Part of the trouble I feel is related to there apparently being no end to the number of survey requests that get tossed out like insults at a family reunion. A bigger part of what troubles me, though, is that it is so one-sided: I tell the merchant my opinion of them, but I don’t have the opportunity to learn what they think of me. I can’t help but wonder what the cashier thinks of the transaction which just concluded.

Emmett Dulaney: We are the World Trade Organization

Mon, 2012-08-06 10:56 -- univcomm
August 6, 2012

Given the recent excitement over the Olympics and the ruckus over the uniforms provided for our athletes not bearing the union label, I decided to do a bit of a striptease at home after class one evening. It wasn’t much of a tease, but it did involve removing all the clothing that I wore and deemed suitable for teaching an evening class in.

Emmett Dulaney: Business school adopts ’salt and light’ approach

Wed, 2012-07-25 15:13 -- univcomm
July 25, 2012

As mentioned last week, it can be difficult to identify what “Christian” means when it becomes an adjective placed in front of “business” or “business professor.” It is something that I struggle with and still have yet to fully comprehend. Thankfully, much greater minds than I have focused on the topic and proffered the framework of “salt and light,” which the Falls School of Business is devoted to.