Anderson, Indiana

AU student follows dreams to Disney internship

Wed, 2012-08-29 08:00 -- univcomm
August 29, 2012

Since 1971, Walt Disney World has been making dreams come true. From Magic Kingdom to modern icons such as Woody and Nemo, kids have grown up with Disney creations. Anderson University management major Elijah Alvey had been inspired to work for this historic organization, and recently he achieved that goal. In January, he began an eight-month journey as an intern in the Caribbean Cove of Walt Disney World.

Princeton Review selects AU as one of the best colleges in the Midwest

Wed, 2012-08-22 08:22 -- univcomm
August 22, 2012

Anderson University is one of the best colleges and universities in the Midwest according to The Princeton Review. AU is one of 153 institutions The Princeton Review recommends in its "Best in the Midwest" section of its website feature, "2013 Best Colleges: Region by Region," that posted August 20, 2012 on

Emmett Dulaney: Let's agree to disagree

Tue, 2012-08-14 11:42 -- univcomm
August 14, 2012

Think of the one topic that you are most passionate about. Now, know for certain that whatever your position is, mine is the exact opposite. I not only think they should put an incinerator in your backyard — with all the work remotely done by exploited Chinese laborers (children, at that) — but I also think they should build a failing public school right over it. In order to make all of this possible, they should raise your taxes and charge more for gasoline.