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Dissertation Abstracts

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Dissertation Abstracts

The Anderson University DBA program began in 2000. Annually, 12 or 13 students are accepted into the program. As of March 2012, 59 individuals have graduated from the program. The graduates present their dissertation work as evidence of the quality of scholarship being produced through the Anderson University doctorate in business. Through the program, research has been conducted that has contributed to theory in the fields of management, marketing, finance, and accounting. Additionally, in some cases, the research has been directly applicable to issues in teaching pedagogy or in Christian higher education.

Click to see some of the dissertation abstracts of completed work.

Dr. Scott Adams 
Dr. Joni Adkins
Dr. Troy Bethards
Dr. Wayne Biddle
Dr. Monty Bohrer
Dr. Amy Bourne  
Dr. Jonathan Bradshaw
Dr. Staci Luger Brettin
Dr. Dannie Brown
Dr. Joseph Bucci
Dr. Michael Cafferky 
Dr. Charles Coco
Dr. John Crane
Dr. Ricardo E. Cunningham, Jr.
Dr. John DeFoggi

Dr. Amy L. Doolan
Dr. Emmett Dulaney
Dr. Todd Erickson
Dr. Laura Falco

Dr. John Frazier
Dr. Leo Gabriel
Dr. David Globig
Dr. Kris Gossett
Dr. Melodi Guilbault
Dr. David Hagenbuch
Dr. Chris Harris
Dr. Jean Hawkins
Dr. George Howell
Dr. Brenda Johnson
Dr. Judy Jones
Dr. Ken Jones
Dr. Karl Knapp
Dr. Christopher Kubik
Dr. Margie LaShaw
Dr. Steven Little
Dr. Kathleen Mays
Dr. Michelle McFeaters
Dr. Jill Merle
Dr. James Miller

Dr. Scott Miller
Dr. Chris Neuenschwander
Dr. Lisa Nieman
Dr. Jim Nichols
Dr. Marcia O'Brien
Dr. Glenda Partridge
Dr. David Perkins
Dr. Roy Philip 
Dr. Scott Powell
Dr. Kerianne Roper
Dr. Larry Sayler
Dr. Daniel Schafer
Dr. Steven Scheer
Dr. Peter Suter
Dr. Julie Szendrey
Dr. Robert Timmons
Dr. Deborah Toomey
Dr. Gary Vander Plaats
Dr. Matthew Will
Dr. Paul Ziegler