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Joint Majors

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Joint Majors

The following joint department majors allow students to get a strong major that merges multiple areas of study.

Music Business

There are two ways that a student interested in music business can pursue this career path through Anderson University.

First, the Falls School of Business offers a marketing major with a concentration in music business. This program is for the student who wants to focus on business and take at least nine hours in music business. For this major, there are no music theory or performance requirements. All students must complete the business core, plus the required courses in marketing, in addition to courses in music business.

Second, the Anderson University School of Music, Theatre, and Dance offers a major in music business. The music business major is best for students who want their primary focus to be in music.

Students in both programs may participate in Orangehaus Records, the Anderson University recording label.

Details are available in the Undergraduate Catalog.


Career opportunities and graduate preparation in economics can be strengthened through a joint mathematics and economics major. This major is housed in the Mathematics Department but requires a strong concentration of courses in economics. Details are provided in the Undergraduate Catalog].

Political Science/Economics

Career opportunities and graduate preparation, especially for law school, can be strengthened through a joint political science and economics major. The major is housed in the Department of History and Political Science, but requires a strong concentration of courses in economics. The major also allows students to select from a domestic or international focus. Details are provided in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Business-Information Systems Complementary Major

If a student has a primary major, they may also earn a complementary major in business-information systems. This major combines preparation in information systems with selected core courses in business. This option provides strong preparation for working with technology in businesses environments.

Dance Business

Students interested in merging their interest in dance into a business setting may earn a major in dance business. The Falls School of Business has partnered with the School of Music, Theatre, and Dance to offer the 51-hour dance business major to include dance technique and dance theory classes, in addition to marketing, management, and accounting classes. Within the dance business major, students will have the option of two tracks: non-profit business and business administration. Students must also complete an internship before graduation.