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RavenReady Professional Development

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RavenReady Professional Development

At the Anderson University Falls School of Business, we want our graduates to be RavenReady. Majors in the Falls School of Business can earn the Certificate for Professional Development while earning their business degree from Anderson University. As you proceed through your curriculum, you can also accept hands-on learning experiences that are designed to get you ready for success. Working toward the certificate will give you valuable skills and help make you more employable. When you get that job, you will be ready to make a difference.

This unique program can only be found at Anderson University. Your specific professional development activities are documented on-line at the Raven Career Link. Are YOU RavenReady?

Learn about the requirements for the Falls School of Business Certificate for Professional Development [PDF].

Check out the video on this page to find out why you should want to be RavenReady.

If you are a student in the Falls School of Business, register for RavenReady here.