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Undergrads: What to Expect

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Undergrads: What to Expect

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Dr. Bruce was the most difficult professor I had in any class throughout my college career. He had the tendency to fail me. I spent many hours in Dr. Bruce's office throwing business ideas at him and trying not to fail Marketing Research. His willingness to help his students far surpasses anything I have and will experience from a teacher. more


Undergrads: What can you expect?

  • To have people supporting your success who really care for you.
  • To be challenged. Success in the FSB will require hard work.
  • To have highly qualified and engaging instructors.
  • To be involved in your education by being an active learner.
  • To be required to have integrity and to act honestly.
  • To seriously consider how you are and can be "salt and light."
  • To become a member of a learning community that cares about excellence but also desires that everyone be given a chance to succeed.
  • To have some fun!