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Undergraduate Testimonials


Bethany Masters Lucari, 2009 accounting grad

Wed, 2010-05-12 11:45 -- univcomm

SIFE truly opened the door for the success I am experiencing today. As a junior, I was selected to lead the entrepreneurship side of SIFE, where I was able to meet with small business owners and help them find solutions to their small business needs. Not only was I able to be directly involved with key individuals in the community, but I was able to see the direct impact of the students working with real businesses as well as the impact on the community.

Phil Martinez, 2009 marketing grad

Wed, 2010-05-12 11:44 -- univcomm

I could write a book about how the FSB has impacted the world, the students, and myself in particular. For time's sake, let's just start with a summary.

1) The professors are great role-models of upstanding, honest, and successful business people. More importantly, they don't put themselves on a pedestal. They are more like mentors who teach something that they are passionate about. They equate your success with their success. In particular, Professors Jerry Fox and Deidra Colvin have been people I look up to in this aspect.

Kevin Veneskey, 2003 accounting grad

Mon, 2010-03-22 15:09 -- univcomm

Currently, I am the accounting program chair for region six at Ivy-Tech Community College which includes the Muncie, Anderson and Marion campuses. As the program chair, I am responsible for scheduling the accounting classes, hiring and assigning qualified adjunct faculty, making text book selections, advising accounting students, addressing accounting student concerns, and teaching a wide array of accounting.

Senora Miller Logan, 1995 accounting grad

Mon, 2010-03-22 14:58 -- univcomm

After graduating with a BA in Accounting in 1995, I wasn’t quite sure where life would lead me. I knew I wanted to give back to other college students in some way by encouraging them to develop good habit in college so they would be prepared for the professional world. During my time in the Falls School of Business, I not only developed my academic skills, I also develop my professional skills which have allowed me to succeed.

Eric Gray, 2008 management grad

Mon, 2010-03-22 14:55 -- univcomm
July 10, 2014

I am currently an Operations Supervisor for Brunswick Zone Bowling and Billiards in North Ridgeville, Ohio. I hope to soon enter into the General Manager in Training program where I will learn to operate my own bowling center. I have been with Brunswick for almost a year now and I feel like my life is finally coming together. I love this type of work because it is all about the customer experience. As a staff we are required to live by our mission statement.

Heather Jo Douglas, undergraduate student

Mon, 2010-03-22 14:51 -- univcomm

In only two years, my experiences at Anderson University and within the Falls School of Business have already taught me a lot. Within the FSB I've worked with Anderson Media Group, learning to interview, network, and write professional press releases. I've consulted with local companies, learning to organize, professionalize, and communicate/present my ideas effectively.

Dottie Swartz Anstine, 2006 marketing grad

Mon, 2009-10-26 16:20 -- univcomm

During my senior year at FSB, I jumped on board with AMG. Throughout the year I treaded unmarked territory and tried to develop a real marketing team. Without much experience, this proved to be a challenge, but it was quite exciting. If this thing worked, it could be an invaluable opportunity not only for my team and myself but for future students. Building the team and structuring AMG taught me how to take initiative, which I have brought to my future position.

Dana McCallian Byers, 2000 finance grad

Wed, 2009-08-12 16:10 -- univcomm

My husband Chris (1999 finance grad) and I formed Blue Door Ministries, Inc., from our home in London, England. We aid in providing free resources for churches in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. We also administrate live online church experiences several times each week in partnership with My personal focus is on creating a strong online community of believers and lost people wanting to learn more about Jesus through training, small groups, and missions.


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