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What is benefitsCONNECT?
It is a secure website that collects your benefit elections and the information necessary to enroll you in those benefits. Your life insurance beneficiary and health insurance dependent information is also collected in benefitsCONNECT. No more paper forms!

Why online enrollment?
Online enrollment eliminates completing multiple paper election forms, and provides easy access to your benefit information and elections throughout the year.

How else is benefitsCONNECT used?
You may also use benefitsCONNECT to change health savings contribution elections and personal information anytime during the year. It is anticipated benefitsCONNECT will save trees and time –for faculty, staff and human resources!

Who needs to use benefitsCONNECT?
ALL faculty and staff employees.

When is Open Benefit Enrollment?
During the open enrollment period, ALL benefit eligible employees need to access benefitsCONNECT, the online enrollment website, to elect or waive life, medical, dental, vision and/or long term disability benefits for the next calendar year.  Benefit meetings and email notices are typically distributed in late October and early November to provide information related to benefit changes from the prior year.

ALL faculty and staff employees. eligible for benefits need to access benefitsCONNECT during published open enrollment dates each year to:

  • Verify and/or update personal information
  • Provide emergency contact information
  • Verify and/or update dependent and beneficiary information
  • Choose to either enroll or waive benefits for which eligible

How is benefitsCONNECT accessed?

  • To access the Employee Enrollment Center, open an Internet browser. NOTE: Please use Firefox, Safari or IE; benefitsCONNECT is not currently compatible with Chrome.
  • Access benefitsCONNECT
    • Username:  Enter the first six (6) letters of your last name, your first initial, and the four digits of your birth month and day combined. 
      Example: John Smith – Birthdate 03/04/1963, user name would be smithj0304
    • Password: Enter your social security number. 
      (After completing the enrollment process, you will have the opportunity to change this to a password of your choosing.)
    • Company ID is au

benefitsConnect Enrollment Guide [PDF]

benefitsConnect Enrollment Guide for New Employees [PDF]