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Wage Categories and Pay Rates

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Wage Categories and Pay Rates

CategoryDescription of Work$/HrPositions Included  (Sample, not inclusive)
Student Manager (SMGR)Supervise and schedule other student workers; level of operational function; work performed with some independence.$7.65/hrAdmissions Stdt. Coordinator and Housing Coordinator, ITS and Library Computer Lab Mgr., WQME Stdt. Mgr., Covenant Prod. Asst., Reardon Aud. Mgr., Andersonian & Echoes Editors, Weight Room Supervisor, Natatorium Mgr., Student Asst. Coaches, Asst. Director of Intramurals.
Labor, Maintenance, Security, & Service Trades (SLAM)Work may include exposure to extreme temperatures and/or physical exertion, generally viewed as less desirable work; student may be the only person on duty.$7.40/hrPhysical Plant, Security Guards, Campus Operator, Closing Library Clerk, Athletics: set up crew, Soccer ballrunners, laundry, grounds

University Food Service*, Bookstore*
(*Paying an additional $.25 incentives=$7.65)
Technical (STECH)Specialized skills, and/or certification usually required.$7.40/hrLifeguard, Athletic Trainer, Web Designer, ITS Technicians, RHR Asst. Mgr., CET Production Asst., Athletic Team Managers/Stats, IM Stdt. Asst. Mgr., Echoes Asst. Mgr. or Photographer
Public Relations, Recruitment, & Fund Raising (SPUB)Public relations duties representing Anderson University to prospective students, donors or other publics.$7.40/hrAdmissions TeleCounselor, Ambassador, Counselor Student Assistant, Fruit of the Spirit; Advancement TeleTouch Caller
Major Requirements (SMRQ)Job requires completion of a specified class or skill competency.$7.30/hrScience, Music, Computer Science, Art & Design, and Language Lab Assistants, Tutor, Echoes & Andersonian Staff, School of Theology, Accounting Grader, Archives, Gallery Asst., Center for Public Service, Theatre Studies, (Nursing Lab Asst. $8/hr) (Art Model +$.30)
Office Support  & Clerical (SOFC)Requires basic office, word processing and computer skills, may have access to some confidential information, previous office experience preferred or required.$7.25/hrAcademic and Administrative office assistants, including Registrar, Admissions, Student Financial Services, Student Life, Human Resources, University Relations, MDC Cashiers
Campus Service & Learning (SCSL)No previous work experience or skills required, job can be learned in a short amount of time, tasks are routine in nature.$7.25/hrEquipment Asst (Kinesiology)., Library Clerk, CET Desk Asst., Registrar Room Reservations, Chapel Attendance (DSL), ITS Lab Assistant, RHR Tech., Clerks in Mail Center, Printing, Mocha Joe’s Barista, Intramural Official, Weight Room Attendant, CET Equip. Asst.
Elected or Appointed Positions (SSTP)Students are elected to the position or are appointed to lead a program or project.Stipend
(based on $7.50/hr)
Student Leadership (elected), Resident Assistants, Campus Ministry Leader, Intramural Coordinator, RCA, CAB
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(*$7.25 Federal Minimum Wage eff. 7/24/2009)