About the Academy

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About the Academy

The Academy is designed to develop the leadership needed to build a healthy community that can talk about tough issues and face change with a shared proactive effort. The Leadership Academy of Madison County prepares potential community servant-leaders/trustees for the economic, social, educational and human service challenges we face today and tomorrow. The strengths of the network of 1,300+ alumni facilitates this endeavor.

The Participants

The program selects candidates for the Academy based on an application process. The academy is looking for a diverse cadre of emerging community leaders, both women and men, who will become an involved part of Madison County through their support and interest in community activities.

The Graduates

Graduates of LAMC become a part of the 1,300+ member alumni association in our community. This network of active community leaders attempts to continue educational opportunities, develop working relationships between alumni, and encourage fellow graduates to assume volunteer roles throughout Madison County.

Selection Process

The Selection Committee of the Academy is charged with the responsibility of appointing the class participants each year. Class size ranges from 30-35 members. Candidates may apply directly or be nominated by their employer. The Selection Committee seeks to assemble a class that is diverse, appointing participants who are emerging or recognized leaders in the community. 

Tuition and Fees

There is a tuition fee of $700 which covers all material including the retreat session. Tuition may be paid by the participant's employer or by the candidate. Tuition fees are due in full upon notification of acceptance into the Academy Program. 

For More Information

You can receive more information about the Academy by calling (765) 641-4050, by e-mailing the Program Director, Pam Shoot.