Anderson, Indiana


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Chapel - Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2014
Reardon Auditorium at 11 a.m.

Special Guest Speaker: Reverend Dr. James Earl Massey

Dr. Massey is Dean Emeritus of Anderson School of Theology in Anderson, Indiana. For fifty years he has been an extraordinary Christian communicator in pulpit and classroom, serving as Senior Pastor of the Metropolitan Church of God in Detroit (1954-1976), missionary educator in Jamaica (1964-1967), Campus Minister of Anderson University (1969-1977), Speaker on the “Christian Brotherhood Hour” radio broadcast (1977-1982), Dean of the Chapel of Tuskegee University (1984-1989), and Dean of Anderson School of Theology (1989-1995).

Mentored by Rev. Raymond S. Jackson and Dr. Howard Thurman, he was a valued friend of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and has addressed more than a hundred campuses worldwide.  Dr. Massey carries the title “Life Trustee” of Asbury Theological Seminary, is an accomplished musician, a man of literary skill and spiritual depth, called the “Prince of Preachers,” and is an honored representative of his church heritage, the Church of God (Anderson). He provided editorial leadership for the magazine Christianity Today and the landmark publication The New Interpreter’s Bible. His own books include Spiritual Disciplines, Designing the Sermon, Sundays in the Tuskegee Chapel, and The Burdensome Joy of Preaching.