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Music Business

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Music Business Major

Music Business (66 hours)

The music business major prepares students for a career in one of several facets of the music business, including recording, marketing, artist promotion, management, and copyright law. This major requires completion of courses in music, music performance, music business, and business. Students must complete an internship in music business, tailoring an in-depth experience in the music industry to the abilities and needs of the students. In addition to the music business major, the School of Music and the Falls School of Business have recently partnered to offer a Bachelor of Marketing degree with a music business concentration. This major requires 61-64 semester hours and includes the same core classes as the music business major, plus a number of options to provide breadth in the music business area. Marketing majors are not required to participate in ensembles and recitals like other music majors. However, music classes, lessons, and ensembles as electives are strongly recommended.

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