Anderson, Indiana

Alumni: Josh Moore

Tue, 2013-07-16 14:20 -- univcomm

Alumni: Josh Moore

The theatre program at Anderson University prepared me for my career better than I could have anticipated. The professors and program not only developed my skills, but my character. Ronn Johnston and others supported me and encouraged me to grow and develop my faith, my voice, and my talents in a safe and encouraging environment.

The skills I learned in classes gave me a leg up in the work place and a foot in the door on my résumé. I received wonderful training, including one-on-one time in many aspects of theatrical work. This made me a well-rounded professional and helped me land the job of my dreams before I graduated. There is no way I would have been as prepared for my current position if I had gone to a larger institution and was only allowed access to streamlined courses.

I am currently the theatre and outreach manager at Minnetrista in Muncie, Ind. Essentially, I run my own little theatre as a department of a museum. I couldn’t decide if I wanted to be an artistic director or a managing director of a theater, but with the great job that I have due to my AU experience, I am both.

At AU, I was the marketing director of Wisdom Tooth Theatre. After, I was the managing director of Wisdom Tooth for a year. These roles were vital to my success. Without the skills I learned, I would not be successful in my current job.

If you are looking for an education that makes you a better theatre professional with a well-rounded skill set and experience that gives you a better chance of being hired, come to AU. Theatre students not only gain the skills necessary to be successful in any aspect of the theatre, they become well-adjusted individuals who better understand themselves, their environment, and how they — as artists of faith — can connect their art to the greater community.

Josh Moore
BA 2010, MBA 2011, Anderson University
Theatre studies major
Theatre and outreach manager at Minnetrista