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Alumni: Kendra Northgard

Thu, 2013-11-14 11:06 -- univcomm

Alumni: Kendra Northgard

I had heard of Anderson University from my church family in high school. As soon as I stepped foot on campus, I knew I was at home. I loved the atmosphere and the beauty of the campus. The intimacy of the programs swayed me as well.

Being among the first class of dance majors was a growing experience. I enjoyed that we were all new in this together and helped shape the program as a whole. I was very blessed to learn from some exquisitely talented professors and mentors. I still hear phrases and pieces of advice that I have mentally noted from all my professors. Upon graduation, I knew they had more than prepared me to jump, leap, chasse, and prance my way into the dance world.

Immediately following graduation in 2012, I was cast at Kings Island as a dancer. Shortly following, I was accepted as a company member in a contemporary dance company in Cincinnati. I have been teaching at various studios in the Cincinnati area, and I do a lot of freelance choreography and performing on top of it all. Along the way, I have gotten involved in teaching fitness classes including Pilates, Spinning, and Pure Barre.

I plan to explore opportunities with choreography and dance fitness. I am passionate about health and fitness, and it is important to take care of our bodies as dancers. I enjoy creating new work and watching how it unfolds.

God has continued to present new opportunities to me and also keep me challenged. I am very blessed to have as much work as I do, and it never gets old. The work ethic that I practiced at AU carries over to my every day life. Being involved in so many activities and learning to balance them prepared me for handling the hustle and bustle that I experience with my work today.

The privilege to create my own choreography and vision within the AU dance program is irreplaceable. This program, and the professors that led me through it, are the reason I can do what I do today.

Kendra Northgard
BA 2012, Anderson University
Music major; Dance Complementary major
Dance and fitness instructor