Anderson, Indiana

Kristen Noonan

Thu, 2013-11-14 11:09 -- univcomm

Alumni: Kristen Noonan

The B.A. in Music is a very flexible degree which allowed me to pursue the necessary training and education for my desired field in a more free and nonlinear way.

I knew I was looking for music schools and AU's School of Music has a good reputation. Choosing AU over other schools with great programs ultimately came down to my desire for a Christian atmosphere. Overall, I just got that right "vibe" people talk about when they find their school. All the pieces seemed to fall into place after that.

At the time I was a student, the program was very new. But things really developed at a quick pace compared to the normal timeline you would expect for developing a minor, two annual dance concerts, and then a major all in about five years! My experience as a dance student was very unique in that I, along with a handful of other very dedicated students, had the privilege of being part of the driving force that was pushing the program further. I was able to participate in the first Spring Into Dance and Fall Into Dance concerts and also danced in Candles and Carols and multiple chapel convocations. In addition, I formed a student choreography club and a small performance troupe which put on its own concert while I was there. It was the opportunity to be a trailblazer and find my voice as a leader that was the greatest training I received from being a part of the program. The excellent professors I was able to learn from were no small part of my experience.

The connections I gained in the Indianapolis arts arena via my professors at AU had a lot to do with getting me off to a strong start. While a student, it was very helpful to have guest teachers brought in, auditions with a professional director set up, and master class opportunities.

Long term I would really like to teach dance at the university level. I have also entertained the idea of forming a movement company that somehow brings together the variety of disciplines I have trained in. At present, I am continuing to explore the range of my work as an independent hybrid artist.

Big name recognition of a program can be helpful, but a program where you will get more attention and truly connect with your professors has a lot to offer your overall growth as an artist and a person.

Kristen Noonan
BA 2009, Anderson University
Music major; Dance Performance minor
Performer, instructor, and choreographer