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Admission Requirements

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MSN: Admission Requirements

The admission requirements will remain consistent with current criteria, as follows:

Admission criteria for MSN (all tracks)

  1. Bachelor's degree in nursing (from a nationally accredited nursing school).
  2. If you do not have a BSN, see the RN to MSN option.
  3. Current registered nurse license in the State of Indiana or eligibility for licensure.
  4. One year work experience preferred.
  5. Minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.75 (If below 2.75, student may be admitted on academic surveillance).
  6. Three letters of recommendation [PDF]
  7. Admission essay
  8. Current CPR certification from American Heart Association
  9. Negative Mantoux, current immunizations [PDF]
  10. Criminal background report [PDF]
  11. Malpractice insurance fee.

Prerequisite coursework for admission to Nursing Administration track and MSN-MBA program:

  1. Accounting or Finance
  2. Management or Marketing (BSN management course may fulfill this requirement)
  3. Statistics or Calculus (BSN nursing research course)

Additional admission requirements for admission to MBA dual degree program:

  1. Two years work experience
  2. Minimum ndergraduate GPA of 3.0
  3. In addition to the prerequisite coursework referenced above, prerequisite course in Economics
NOTE: Prerequisite coursework for MBA may be fulfilled during the program. Students not meeting these requirements may be admitted probationally at the discretion of the faculty.

All letters of recommendation and transcripts should be forwarded to:
School of Nursing Graduate Program
Anderson University
1100 East 5th Street
Anderson, Indiana 46012-3495