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In the Journey, We Make Our Home.

Thu, 2013-06-06 16:41 -- univcomm

In the Journey, We Make Our Home.

A boundless sky
A winding path
A moment to rest along the way.
To reflect
To converse
To dream

The road beneath our feet
Stretches beyond our vision.
The night sky, a drawn shade,
Pierced by light from another day
Descending, like Abram’s hope,
On laughter
born in the midst of despair.
On promise
birthed in the midst of pain.

In the journey, we make our home.
An unlikely proposition.
After all, a journey suggests movement. Going somewhere.
A home suggests feet propped up on the living room table.

But home isn’t merely a physical address—
The place we get our pizza delivered
Or wear pajamas in the afternoon
And drink milk straight from the carton.

It’s the place where we belong.
Where we have a seat at the table.
A voice in the conversation.

Some have tasted the fruit of this reality.
Others have only dreamed of its sweetness.
None of us have arrived at its fullness.

In the journey, we make our home.
Through this process of becoming.
Along this way of discovery.
In the company of others.
We find ourselves.
At home.

--Todd Faulkner
“Lord, through all the generations
    you have been our home”
(Psalm 90:1 NLT)