Alumni Endorsements

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As a performing artist, I understand the importance of a recital hall in creating a venue where the expression of art can be realized. It also provides an intimate space where the acoustics and atmosphere contribute to an experience that both listeners and performers can enjoy. For those students who will go on to have performing careers, it is vital for them to understand the setting in which their performances will take place. The recital hall has many possibilities, and I am sure it will benefit the Anderson community in countless ways.

— Larry Brownlee BA ‘96
world renowned bel canto tenor


When I was a foreign exchange student at Daleville High School, I came to campus each week to take piano lessons from Dr. [Randy] Frieling. I remember attending the opera Little Women and being so impressed with the quality of the music and the ability of the students. Later, as I prepared for college, I didn’t consider any school but Anderson. My dream is to teach and perform in a place where I might also use my language skills — Korean, English, and French.

Looking back on my years at AU, I only wish I had had the opportunity to play in front of an audience in the kind of professional setting that I’ll encounter in my career. When prospective students come in and we show them around our classrooms, sometimes they ask, ‘Where do you do recitals?’ We say, ‘Right here.’ The rooms, with their chalkboards and folding chairs, have to do double duty.

— Sung Park BA ‘07
Graduate student at Columbia University