Anderson, Indiana


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Remembering Reardon

 Thoughts from Dr. James Edwards, president of Anderson University.

We have been so blessed to have in the life of Anderson University one of our nation’s most gifted and dedicated educational leaders, ministers and world citizens. Robert Reardon came to leadership at a time when, like many institutions of the world, a relatively small Christian university with few resources, facilities and programs would face the challenges of enormous social change and heightened expectations. Changing student populations came to America’s campuses conflicted over issues of war and peace, social justice and scientific and technological innovation. Robert Reardon was fully the measure of the challenge.

President Reardon’s visionary leadership guided the development of the campus and distinctive programs and provided an image and roll model for generations of students across more than three decades of executive service. His dominant voice among leaders in the church was one for Christ-centered education that insisted on open windows of discovery. He thought education at its best combined head and heart and led one to service. He was at home in the arts and sciences and had exceptional gifts as a writer and preacher. He was a man of great public stature, global understanding and one passionate about his own life-long learning. His love for students, for his family, for Anderson University, and for the church will be his lasting legacy.

We will remember Dr. Reardon for the imprint he made on every part of the university, for more than 30 years of enormously effective executive leadership, for his guiding and stirring devotion to the church, and for the loving touch he had on the lives of his family and extended family of Anderson University.

James L. Edwards