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Student Teaching

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Student Teaching

Teacher candidates enter into their professional semester after meeting all the requirements of the Anderson University School of Education and Anderson University Liberal Arts requirements (listed in the Undergraduate Catalog). Teacher candidates apply to their professional semester approximately one year from their projected student teaching year. Once it is determined that a teacher candidate has met all of the requirements, they will participate in a panel interview to determine their readiness for student teaching.

Before student teaching, candidates are required to pass the Indiana CORE Assessments for Educator Licensure which includes a developmental (pedagogy) area assessment as well as the appropriate content area assessment(s).

Throughout student teaching, teacher candidates are expected to demonstrate competencies in the areas of Instructional Strategies, Motivation and Management, Communication Skills, and Assessment. The second placement is an intensive professional practicum requiring superior demonstration in the following four areas of the Anderson University Teaching Competencies:

  1. Teacher as an Instructional Leader
  2. Teacher as a Monitor of Instruction
  3. Teacher as a Classroom Manager and Organizer
  4. Teacher as a Professional Practitioner

All teacher candidates seeking licensure are highly encouraged to participate in an early arrival experience at their assigned school(s) or a school in their hometown. This  experience provides an opportunity for direct involvement in the opening of school when classroom routines and procedures are established.

All teacher candidates will complete a Teacher Work Sample (TWS) during their professional semester. This is a performance-based narrative that provides documentation of ability to increase student achievement. In addition the teacher candidate will present a 20-30 minute presentation outlining the student teaching experience.

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International Student Teaching

International Student Teaching is an eight-week placement designed to provide students with experiences in a comprehensive setting for study of the education, cultural expressions, and social issues related to teaching in another culture. This unique opportunity provides students with expanded cultural perspective and cross-cultural skills. Students with an interest in international student teaching must apply through the SOE and once accepted, must apply through the Christian College Teacher Education Coordinating Council (CCTECC).

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For further information about Anderson University's School of Education Student Teaching program, please contact Professor Joyce Wehneman, Coordinator of Clinical Experiences & Licensing at or (765) 641-4054.