Anderson, Indiana

Anne Miller

Sun, 2012-04-29 00:46 -- education

Anne Miller

When I was a junior in high school I saw an advertisement for Anderson University's Tri-S program, and it captured my interest in travel and serving other cultures. I cut out the ad and hung it on my bulletin board. I applied to AU and three other Christian colleges, but Anderson fit me the best and offered me the most amount of scholarship.

The two best education classes I took were Assessment and Methods of Teaching English. Assessment gave me knowledge and confidence in how to shape instruction and assessments. I often draw upon the principles I learned in Assessment when designing tests, projects, and lesson plans. I also learned how to defend my choices in instruction and assessment, which is incredibly helpful as a new teacher. I am able to speak intelligently to my principal about the choices I make if she has questions. When I left my Methods of Teaching English class, I had an entire binder full of ideas for teaching grammar, vocabulary, literature, and writing. I often look at it when I need fresh ideas.

It was helpful to have experiences in a wide variety of places and grade levels. I had always thought that I wanted to teach middle school, but after my different placements, I realized that I wanted to teach high school. I also worked with several different types of student populations, which equipped me with ideas and strategies for working with students.

I am currently teaching Spanish and English at a private high school. The transition from college to teaching was not too difficult. Because I student-taught the entire last semester of college, I was already used to the everyday life of being a teacher. The biggest transition in teaching came during my first week of school when I realized that all final decisions were mine, which was exciting and terrifying! Another transition was in transferring my license to Illinois. I had to learn a new system for license renewal; however, AU helped me know where to look for this kind of information.

AU has an excellent education program; it is difficult, and it teaches you to self-advocate like you have to do in the field of education. It definitely prepares you to be in a classroom and gives you the tools you need to be a contributing member of a school faculty.

Anne Miller
BA 2009, Anderson University
Language Arts Teaching major
Spanish minor
Currently teaching secondary English and Spanish