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Jama Marlow

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Jama Marlow

Jama Marlow is the Assessment, Data and Technology Manager for the School of Education. In this capacity, she oversees the daily operation of the School of Education's databases which track candidates’ critical performances, program transition points, diversity experiences, program admission materials and data, field experience placements and records, clinical practice admission materials and data, Teacher Performance Assessments (observations and rubrics), and other student and program information and assessments.

In addition, she teaches in the Transition to Teaching Program (a post-baccalaureate licensure program). This program is designed for adult students who have earned baccalaureate degrees and desire to become professional educators. She previously taught several grade levels at Union School Corporation in Modoc, Indiana from 1996-2013, and then at the Richmond Adult Education Center in Richmond, Indiana for the 2013-2014 school year.

Jama completed her Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education in 1992, a mild disabilities minor in 1998, and her Master of Arts in Education in 2013, all from Ball State University.

Jama has been at Anderson University since 2014.

Decker Hall 382
Phone: (765) 641-4399

B.A., Ball State University
M.A., Ball State University