Sheridan Rayl

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Sheridan Rayl

Sheridan Rayl currently serves as the director of the Teach for Indiana Program which offers to talented individuals the opportunity to launch a career change following their achievement of a baccalaureate degree. She serves as a board member representing higher education for the Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Before assuming this leadership position at Anderson University where she received her higher education degree, Rayl served 5 years with the Indiana Professional Standards Board (IPSB), where she led the initiative to develop content-specific support models for beginning teachers, develop mentoring standards and guidelines and approval for training programs, manage teachers-in-residence for program development, develop content-specific performance assessments for beginning teachers for licensure, recruit and train a cadre of content-specific scorers of state performance assessments, coordinate the delivery system of the assessment and support program throughout the state, coordinate and support the responsibilities of the IPSB Teacher Induction Committee, represent the state induction program at the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium (INTASC), prepare and represent the state budget for induction, and inform and train the higher education community of the induction program and assessment for beginning teachers. At the time of her service the IPSB was the sole proprietor of issuing licenses to teachers in the state of Indiana.

Other opportunities of leadership were established as Rayl served the state as a lead trainer of teachers in the teaching of mathematics for the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE), conducted numerous workshops for the teaching of mathematics, served as a table leader and scored ISTEP mathematics tests, and served as panelist/reviewer of Teacher Enhancement Science Grants for the National Science Foundation and alternative certification program grants for the U.S. Department of Education. Rayl served as the IPSB Coordinator/Liaison for the Memorandum of Agreement with Connecticut State Department of Education, a member of the Teacher Advisory Council at the North Central Regional Education Laboratory (NCREL), and as a member of an onsite visitation team for the North Central Association, a Commission on Accreditation and School Improvement.

Rayl received training in Mike Schmoker's RESULTS program and Arthur Costa and Robert Garmston's Cognitive Coaching, attended Rick DuFour's Professional Learning Communities Annual Conference, presented at the NCAC and NAAC Annual Conferences, attended and presented at the National Council of Teachers Annual Meetings, participated in the NCTAF Think Tank Symposium and Annual Symposium, participated in the standard setting in mathematics assessment of primary students for CTBMcGraw/Hill, served as Chief Reader of Mathematics Problem Solving Assessment for the Metropolitan Nashville Tennessee Public Schools, and served as a mathematics writer for a 2% population of students for modified state assessment for the IDOE.

During the 27 years of her teaching in the fourth and first grades at the Frankton-Lapel Community School Corporation, Rayl completed her master's degree at Ball State University, was awarded the National Presidential Award for the Teaching of Mathematics for the state of Indiana, was a benchmark reviewer and evaluator for the Interstate New Teacher Assessment and Support Consortium in Mathematics (INTASC), served as a board member and president of the Central Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics, and was a publication reviewer for the Indiana Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Indiana Mathematics Teacher.

Sheridan Rayl has been at Anderson University since 2002.

Director, Teach for Indiana Program
Instructor of Education
B.S., Anderson University
M.A.E., Ball State University