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Harp Professor in Residence Lecturers

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Harp Professor in Residence - Past Lecturers

2007-08 Inaugural Harp Professor in Residence

    Dr. Gregory Robertson, associate professor of Christian theology, Anderson University School of Theology. (Th.D., Wycliffe College, University of Toronto). Topics: "Person and Work of the Holy Spirit" and "Learning to be the People of God: Theological Education in a Latin American Context."

2008-09 Harp Professor in Residenc

    Dr. Robert K. Lang'at, deputy principal and lecturer at Kenya Highlands Bible College in Kericho, Kenya. Dr. Lang'at was also the senior pastor of Chepkutung Local Church, Kericho, Kenya. (Ph.D., Illif School of Theology and University of Denver). Topics: "Leadership and Working within Cultures not our Own" and "A Biblical Theology of the Poor."

2010 Harp Professor in Residence

    Dr. Wendy Porter, director of worship and music, McMaster Divinity College, Ontario, Canada. (Ph.D., University of Surrey, UK). Porter teaches courses in Christian ministry, particularly in the areas of sacred music, liturgics, and worship. Her research and publications explore the interface of theology and church music from the early church to the present.

2011 Harp Professor in Residence

    Dr. Paulson Pulikottil, dean of academic affairs and department head of Biblical Studies at Union Biblical Seminary, Pune, India. (Ph.D., University of Sheffield, UK). Topics: "Youth Challenge: Re-envisioning India" and "Apocalyptic Fantasies: The Qumran Sect and American Imagination."

2012 Harp Professor in Residence

    Dr. Gilbert Lozano, associate professor of biblical studies, Anderson University School of Theology. (Ph.D., University of Denver/Iliff School of Theology). Topics: "Testimony versus Allegiance: A Recent Case Study" and "Wisdom and Wealth, or How to Get Rich in Just a Few Verses."

2012 Harp Professor in Residence

    David Kinnaman is president of the Barna Group. He is the author of two best-selling books, unChristian and You Lost Me, which focus on the spiritual lives of teens and twenty-somethings. Kinnaman has designed and analyzed hundreds of market research projects for a variety of clients.

    Dr. Robert D. Branson, adjunct professor of biblical studies, Anderson University School of Theology. (Ph.D., Boston University). Branson is the former professor of biblical literature emeritus at Olivet Nazarene University. Topic: "Creationism and Science: A Continuing War"