Anderson, Indiana

Institutional Governance

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Institutional Governance

Anderson University is governed by a board of trustees whose members are elected to five-year terms and ratified by the General Assembly of the Church of God. The president of the institution is accountable to this board for general administration of the university and seminary, including their development, maintenance, and programs. The president of the university is ratified by the General Assembly for five-year terms.

An executive committee — consisting of the president and seven trustees elected by the board — acts on behalf of the full university board between its scheduled meetings. The dean of the School of Theology participates in meetings of the board. A six-member School of Theology committee of the board gives particular attention to the policies, personnel, and programs of the School of Theology.

The faculty of the School of Theology operates under a grant of powers by the trustees and the administration. Within the spirit and intent of stated seminary objectives, the faculty is responsible for maintaining the academic programs of the seminary at their maximum effectiveness.