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Newell Lectures History

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Newell Lectures History

Dr. Arlo and Mrs. Helen Newell created the Newell Lectureship in Biblical Studies in 1981 for the purpose of bringing a significant specialist in the field of biblical studies to Anderson University and the School of Theology on an annual basis. The Newell Lectures are one of the longest running lecture series in the United States.

Dr. Arlo Newell served the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana) for many years as a pastor, editor of Vital Christianity (the national periodical of the Church of God), a Church of God General Assembly officer, and author of numerous books and articles. Dr. Newell continues his writing and serves as a Chaplain in Residence with the Anderson University School of Theology.

Helen Newell also worked faithfully in the Church of God and in the Anderson community. She is a 1981 graduate of the Anderson University School of Theology with a Master of Religious Education. The Newell Lectures were created in 1981 to honor Helen's work at the seminary and in the Church of God.

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