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MDiv Minimum Equivalency

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MDiv Minimum Equivalency

Anderson University School of Theology employs the following template to determine whether an applicant who does not currently hold an accredited MDiv degree has met the minimum number of master's level courses and hours to qualify for MDiv equivalency and to determine the applicant's readiness to enter the program.

To be considered for MDiv equivalency at Anderson University School of Theology's Doctor of Ministry Program an applicant must have earned a total of 72 master's-level semester hours.

Additionally, instruction in the following areas must constitute part of the 72 hours:

  • Bible — 12 hours (4 courses) distributed as follows:
    • 6 hours in Old Testament
    • 6 hours in New Testament
  • Theology — 9 hours (3 courses)
    • All in Systematic Theology or
    • 6 hours in Systematic Theology and 3 hours elective in theology
  • Church History — 6 hours (2 courses)
  • Ethics — 3 hours (1 course)
  • Missions/Evangelism/Pluralism/Cultural Studies — 6 hours (2 courses)
  • Spiritual Formation/Pastoral Ministry/Pastoral Theology — 9 hours (3 courses)

The remaining 27 hours shall be made up in electives germane to an MDiv degree.

The Association of Theological Schools also requires that applicants must have three years of pastoral/ministry experience after completing MDiv degree. In certain circumstances, the seminary can waive this three years of post-MDiv ministry experience requirement.