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MAIS Degree Requirements

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MAIS Degree Requirements

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Ministry requires our best. Working cross culturally requires a personal understanding of ourselves as we share the gospel and engage people from diverse backgrounds. In addition to the standard process of admission to the seminary, acceptance into the MAIS degree program requires an interview with the professor most closely related to the proposed program of study.

Although admitted to the seminary with this degree program in view, students are not recognized as candidates for this seminary degree until the above interview is completed, a recommendation has been made for full admission into the MAIS, and a detailed program of studies has been developed and approved. This process should be initiated during the student's first semester in seminary.

The following shows courses in the MAIS degree. For more detailed information and course descriptions, refer to the current seminary catalog.

  • HCUS 5060 Orientation to Missional Studies/ Integration OR PAST 5230 Spiritual Formation
  • HCUS 5200 Biblical Foundations of Mission
  • BIST 5110 The Literature and History of the Old Testament I
  • BIST 5120 The Literature and History of the Old Testament II
  • BIST 6210 The Literature and History of the New Testament I
  • BIST 6220 The Literature and History of the New Testament II
  • THST 6510 Constructive Theology I
  • THST 6550 Constructive Theology II
  • THST 7340 Ethics for the Vocation of Ministry
  • HCUS 6000 History of the Christian Church
  • HCUS 6070 History of Christian Mission
  • HCUS 7150 The Christian Mission in a Pluralistic World
  • HCUS 6110 Cultural Anthropology
  • HCUS 6080 Mission & the Urban Church (USA or International Intensive)
  • HCUS 7800 Internship (an internship with HEART Institute is strongly recommended for students preparing for overseas assignments)
  • HCUS 7960 Missional Studies Integration/Capstone (Residential Intensive) OR THFE 7501 Ministry of Biblical Reconciliation: Capstone

Click here to see the full catalog with all program and course descriptions.

Recommended TESOL Certification

The TESOL Certificate [Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages] is recommended to MAIS students or any students considering this opportunity as a part of their ministry. The recommended TESOL Certificate (Ministry-Focused) is through the Anderson University School of Education. This certificate program equips individuals with both the skills for teaching English and an understanding of English ministries. Graduate or undergraduate credit is available.

The student must complete 5, three-credit hour courses to receive this certification (15 semester hours total). The courses are:

  • EDUC 5460, Exploring TESOL in Ministry
  • EDUC 5410, Principles of Language Acquisition
  • EDUC 5490* Applied Linguistics for Teaching ENL
  • EDUC 5420*, Methodology for the ENL Classroom
  • EDUC 5860** Practicum in TESOL/Teaching English as a New Language
* Prerequisite EDUC 5410

** Prerequisite: All other required ENL courses or with permission of ENL director. Online courses may be available for those out of region.

For more information, contact the School of Education by phone at (765) 641-4399, or send e-mail to