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Online Courses for Specializations

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Online Courses for Specializations

The Anderson University School of Theology faculty understands the constraints that may exist for the ordained pastor already serving in the life of the local congregation. These circumstances of ministry may not provide an opportunity for the pastor to become a residential student, attending classes at the seminary on the Anderson University campus. Yet the seminary is committed to the biblical and theological education of those already serving in ministry.

Therefore the faculty developed specializations for its online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry to assist those currently in vocational ministry — and laypeople who wish to take a seminary degree. Each specialization has a specific philosophy that guides its structure and course content.

 The Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministry has four specializations. The student will complete the degree core structure of classes while taking courses in the area of specialization. The specialization courses are:

Pastoral Ministry:

  •     The LOGOS Ministry
  •     Clinical Pastoral Education
  •     Homiletics

Student Ministry:

  •     The LOGOS Ministry
  •     Leading, Teaching, and Discipling Children
  •     Clinical Pastoral Education
  •     Leading, Teaching, and Discipling Youth


  •      Finding Your Preaching Voice
  •      Homiletics
  •      Pastoral Preaching
  •      Expository Preaching

Pastoral Ministry Specialization (chaplaincy):

  • Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • Professional Chaplaincy
  • Pastoral Preaching
  • The Christian Mission in a Pluralistic World
  • Pastoral Care and Grief
  • Advanced Pastoral Care Seminar
  • Clinical Pastoral Leadership (6 hours)

For detailed information on these courses, sequence, and the program structure see the Anderson University School of Theology Catalog.