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Theological Field Education

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Theological Field Education

Theological Field Education combines classroom experience with the practice of ministry by placing students in various ministry settings.

TFE participants receive training from local pastors, mentors, and ministry associates in a variety of settings. Students may serve in local congregations, chaplaincies, para-ministries, or other approved settings tailored to meet each student's learning and ministry goals.

Click on the documents below for detailed descriptions of TFE placement and expectation.

Courses that Require TFE

PAST 5120     THFE 5000
PAST 5160     THFE 5050
PAST 5450     THFE 7050
PAST 6150     THFE 7500
PAST 6160     THFE 7730
PAST 6380     THFE 7810
PAST 7470     THFE 7850


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Student Experiences
Teaching Parishes

For further information, contact Dr. Guy Brewer, director of theological field education by e-mail at