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Clinical Pastoral Education

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Clinical Pastoral Education

The School of Theology is a member of the Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, an organization of accredited clinical pastoral training opportunities for theological students and clergy. There are more than 367 approved CPE sites in this county in clinical, medical and psychiatric hospitals, parishes, prisons, and other settings. A basic unit of CPE consists of at least 300 clinical hours and 100 educational hours. The basic unit is available in a variety of forms to meet students' scheduling concerns:

  • Traditional: daily, 40 hours per week for 10 weeks.
  • Extended: 16-20 hours per week for 20-24 weeks.
  • Compact: intensive, four weeks.
  • Other variations

Academic credit is given for the satisfactory completion of such an accredited program. To get started with your CPE, explore the links below. To register for CPE, send an e-mail to Dr. Guy Brewer for an override.