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Student Experiences

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Student Experiences

I serve as a youth pastor and have had many opportunities to serve youth and families. In the process of this I was also in my last stage of my ordination process of which I finished during my TFE. I also made several hospital visits and received jail ministry training. What I learned the most is that no matter where I am, God is leading me to places he has already prepared and I have found that I am not afraid, but I welcome what lies ahead. I have learned a lot about myself in this process and it has furthered my passion for ministry.

— Jason Sears

I was able to put to use my gifts in the arts in my TFE. I am a visual artist and have interest in liturgical arts and worship. I was able to work with my pastor to create a new ministry at our church that involves exploring the many expressions of worship through the arts. The experience I got planning these worship services has served me very well as I continue in ministry at my church.

— Amity Rees

My TFE was writing and teaching a six-week sermon series on faith. All the glory to God, this series has been really wonderful. I have videos of my speaking for me to critique and learn from. We've edited them for rebroadcast on radio. It was a great experience.

— Allison Rodgers