Anderson, Indiana

Teaching Parishes

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Teaching Parishes

The following local churches have agreed to serve as Teaching Parishes to the SOT. Each of these churches has agreed to take on student interns for their TFE assignments, as well as explore the possibility of offering other forms of mentorship. If you are looking for a place to serve your internship, please feel free to contact any of the following churches to inquire about the availability of placement.

  • Church of God at West Anderson
    Contact: Pastor Jared Fields
    2205 Park Road
    Anderson, IN 46018
    (765) 648-2969
    Worship and Arts, Preaching, Teaching, Church Plant/Restart, Outreach
  • East Side Church of God
    Contact: DJ Ricker
    2600 E. 5th Street
    Anderson, IN 46012
    (765) 649-3534
    Worship and Arts, Children's Ministry, Student Ministries, Discipleship, Leadership, Pastoral Care, Preaching
  • Florida Station Church of God
    Contact: Pastor Jerry Hilligoss
    1025 W. 375 N.
    Anderson, IN 46011
    (765) 641-2599
    Worship and Arts, Adult Ministries
  • Northside Church of God
    Contact: Pastor Jeff Veatch
    1505 N. Tillotson Avenue
    Muncie, IN 47304
    (765) 282-5575
    Pulpit Supply, Preaching, Leadership

Additionally, if you have another church in mind, you may seek out any of the area churches and ministries [Excel Document] that you may be interested in.