Anderson, Indiana

Class of 2008

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Class of 2008

The following people received the degrees indicated on May 10, 2008. Personal information is listed for those who requested it; interested churches and employing agencies may contact them.

Doctor of Ministry Degree

  • Earley, Kevin
  • Murphy, Jan
  • Summers, Kevin

Master of Divinity Degree

  • Bloodgood, Denise
  • Boggs, Tamara
  • Enders, Samuel
    55 East 190 st #52, Bronx NY 10468;; 765-617-8676; The SOT has prepared and enabled me to achieve my dream, I am also giving back to my Country through the African Dream Academy ( It will be the first state of the art intuition of learning providing free education to Liberians, enabling them to achieve their dreams. Through these years at SOT I have learned to be patient, and listen to God's call.
  • Flink, Andrew
  • Greene, David D., Sr.
    5515 Bay Landing Circle, Indianapolis, IN 46254;; 317-291-4023; cell 317-750-4023; Senior Pastor Second Baptist Church, Indianapolis, IN
  • Hughes, Mark
  • Kerr, Kimberly
  • Lawson, Rebekah
  • Manners, Caldwell
  • Sagesse, Wilsage
  • Spangler, Brett
  • Spangler, Shannon New
  • Too, Josephine
  • Watts, Wendy

Master of Arts in Intercultural Service

  • DeLaVergne, Tasha
  • Dunbar, Jenny

Master of Theological Studies Degree

Advanced Theological Studies:

  • Baylor, David

General Theological Studies:

  • Baxter, Mary

Online Master of Theological Studies Degree

  • Huselton, Jim
    1020 Colvin Drive; Beaver, PA 15009;; 724-775-2283; cell 412-974-7593
  • Shockey, Ryan
  • Sieg, John

Online Master of Arts in Christian Ministries

  • Haney, Craig