Anderson, Indiana

Class of 2012

Wed, 2012-05-30 10:53 -- univcomm

Class of 2012

The following people received the degrees indicated on May 5, 2012. Personal information is listed for those who requested it; interested churches and employing agencies may contact them.

Doctor of Ministry

  • Allen, Jane Sue Carrier
  • Holt, Kevin J.
  • Karl, Georg
  • Laudeman, Bonita Frances
  • Riggs, Robin Allison

Master of Divinity

  • Guthrie, Abbie
  • Perry, Joseph
  • Pickett, Michael
    236 Eastman Rd., Anderson, IN 46017,, telephone 217-556-7240, cell phone 217-556-7240
  • Randolph, Lydia
  • Rech, Timothy
  • Riggs, Xen
  • Ross, Justin
    4350 E. Calla Rd., New Middletown, OH 44442,, telephone 330-206-1543
  • Schuit, Kevin
  • Washington, Nichele
  • Wiebe, Nathan (Also MAIS)

Master of Arts in Intercultural Service

  • Antrim, Kelsey
  • Hodges, Rebecca Christine
  • Yocum, Aaron (Also MTS non-thesis)

Master of Theological Studies

Thesis Track:

  • DeYoung, Mark, BA in Music, MTS thesis on hip hop music as a prophetic theological paradigm, interested in ethics, comparative religion, interfaith dialogue, cultural theology and theomusicology.
  • Rech, Nicole

Non-Thesis Track:

  • Garnes, Ryan
  • Lilly, Deborah
  • Olson, Gretchen
  • Tandy, Jacob
    627 B Walnut St., Anderson, IN 46012,, telephone 317-965-1312, References available upon request, Interested in education.

Master of Arts in Christian Ministry

  • Cunningham, Steve
  • Kegley, Preston
  • Perrotti, Philip
  • Sears, Jason
    405 Heritage Drive, Delphi, IN 46923,, telephone 765-621-1728, Master of Arts in Youth Ministry; seeking youth ministry; have nearly 5 years of youth ministry experience.
  • Tribby, Mary