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James Fleming's Professional Project Abstract

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James Fleming's Professional Project Abstract

A Comprehensive Strategy For Developing A Young Adult Ministry At College Park Church Of God In Ocala, Florida

This paper investigates possible solutions for enabling a declining or plateaued church to become revitalized. The terms "comeback" and "turnaround" are currently being used to describe such a church.

The research begins with an examination of the setting and context of the author's congregation at College Park Church of God in Ocala, Florida. The historical events that brought about the decline of the congregation are investigated. Attention then turns to the environmental context of the congregation.

The reading and research then turns to the question of leadership. "What kind of leader is needed to revitalize a church?" Several essential qualities for a turnaround leader are noted.

Next, the research focuses upon vision as a component of revitalization. The importance of vision is examined through persons who actually helped revitalize churches and through exploring churches that have been revitalized.

At this point a biblical study of vision is conducted. A description of the process of vision development at College Park Church of God follows. Finally, vision is broken down into mission and the essential long-term guidelines needed to accomplish the mission.

An examination of the components essential to achieve the vision is described. An in-depth study is done on three of those components deemed most important for successful revitalization: prayer, preaching, and evangelism.

Finally, a strategy is developed that would allow College Park Church to accomplish its God-given vision. An outline of the strategy is as follows: determine the core values of the group; discover the vision for the group; define the vision in terms of a mission; decide the strategies needed to accomplish the mission; develop action plans to fulfill the strategies; and finally, determine a process for evaluation of the entire process.