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Kevin Summers's D.Min. Dissertation Abstract

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Kevin Summers's D.Min. Dissertation Abstract

A Strategic Ministry Plan for Cross Pointe Church of God: Creating a Process to Manage Numerical Growth and Focus Ministry Direction.

While there is value in church planning, simply constructing a strategic plan without calling leaders and congregants to prayer misses the essential starting point of coming before God.

This dissertation/project investigates what the will of God is and then uses that understanding to inform leaders and congregants where to begin the process of strategic planning. The concept of first being and then doing is investigated both biblically and theologically and then is related to vision, mission, core-values, and strategic planning.

This dissertation/project used Natural Church Development tools and surveys to evaluate Cross Pointe's current structures and to develop greater functional structure health and church health in general. Of the eight quality factors of health, Cross Pointe's present lowest quality factor, Functional Structures, was used in this study. Another survey was created that monitored whether the congregation perceived a planning process. In addition, it monitored issues related to prayer, fasting, and God's will.

The design of this dissertation/project is to facilitate a congregational movement of surrender before God that promotes Spirit-led dialog between ministry leaders and parishioners through promoting and encouraging times of prayer, fasting, discussion, and planning. The goal of this project is to develop a planning process that will result in a strategic ministry plan. From being in the right position (surrender and obedience to God), the hope and intention of this project is for God to speak clearly concerning strategic planning and mission.