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Doctrinal Dialogue

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Doctrinal Dialogue

The Doctrinal Dialogue is a lecture presentation hosted by the Anderson University School of Theology at the request of Church of God Ministries. The papers presented at the Doctrinal Dialogue are written at the request of the School of Theology on a topic the seminary believes is important to the life of the church and ministry. The topic is chosen by a committee of the seminary. The AU School of Theology invites a person deemed familiar with the topic to research the proposal and present an academic paper to the larger community. Two individuals are also chosen to respond to the paper delivered.

The Doctrinal Dialogue papers delivered are available in the PDFs below:

Biblical Reconciliation as 'God's One-Item Agenda': Broad Reflections on the Doctrine and Practice: Dr. Curtiss Paul DeYoung (Bethel University)
Response by Kathi Sellers
Response by Gilbert Lozano
2011 In Pursuit of Truth: Rev. Dr. Ronald J. Fowler
Response by Dr. Jim Fiertag
Response by Dr. James W. Lewis
2010 The Theologies of Technologies: Dr. Lee Griffith (Anderson University)
Response by Dr. Kimberly Majeski
Response by Dr. Jeff Hayes
2009 Women in Ministry: Dr. John E. Stanley (Messiah College)
2008 Doctrine of Creation:: Dr. James Christoph (Warner University)
2006 Unity Practice in the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana): Dr. Merle Strege (Anderson University)
2005 Eternal Security: Dr. Gregory Robertson (Anderson University School of Theology)
2005 Phenomena of the Spirit: Dr. James W. Lewis (Anderson University School of Theology)
2004 Sanctification: Dr. Susie Stanley (Messiah College)
2004 Eschatology: Dr. Gilbert W. Stafford (Anderson University School of Theology)

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