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Group Study Guidelines

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Group Study Guidelines

The Center for Christian Leadership encourages group study using its materials. The Center has compiled a set of guidelines for use of materials developed by the Center but utilized via group study format. Questions concerning this guide may be referred to the Director of the Center.

  1. A group may use the Center's materials for study at the cost of $45 per person, per course (unless cost varies due to book price; see current order form). This cost will include materials for each person in the study group and addition of the course's completion to a participant's personal transcript (see the note below).

    A participant in the Center's core tracks will receive a framed certification upon the completion of 50 CEUs. A participant should use the recommended core courses outlined by the Center for the completion of these 50 CEUs.

  2. The Center will create and supply five (5) flyer copies for the announcement of the group study program. The flyer will provide a place for the group to list meeting times and locations. The group may use these flyers for multiple copies printed at the group's expense.

  3. The group may charge a reasonable fee above the cost of $45 per course, per person for covering any printing, postage, administrative or other costs associated with this study method.

  4. Fees for courses are payable and due at the time of registration and enrollment. The Center will mail or deliver the needed number of books and manuals upon receipt of all applicable fees. Postage for mailing or delivery of books or course packs is the responsibility of the Center.

For further information please contact:

Center for Christian Leadership
Anderson University School of Theology
1100 East 5th Street
Anderson, Indiana 46012-3495

John Aukerman

Note: a person may open a personal file with the Center for a one-time enrollment fee of $50. This fee is paid only once in a person's lifetime. A person may choose not to enroll in the Center. If, however, enrollment were declined, the course's completion would not be tracked for that individual. A participant in the Center's CEU program may enroll in one of two certification programs: Certification in Christian Ministry (designed for those who desire a fuller biblical and theological background) and Certification in Aging Ministries (a unique program for those interested in aging ministries).