Certification in Christian Ministry

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Certification in Christian Ministry

The Certification in Christian Ministry is designed to give the participant a broad background in Christian studies that will assist them in the life of the church. The participant will receive a certification at the completion of 50 total Continuing Education Credits (50 CEUs). The participant must complete the core courses listed and then may select courses from the elective section in order to fulfill the requirement of 50 CEUs.

A participant must complete the core courses listed below in order to receive the Certification. However, for the elective courses, the participant may a) select elective courses from the list below; b) obtain CEUs by attending conferences or seminars; or c) submitting reports of books read beyond those required for the core courses.

Click here for the forms to report seminars, conferences, and book reports.

CORE COURSES for the Certification in Christian MinistryCEUs
BibleAn Introduction to the Bible (BIBL 1000)4
BibleLife and Teachings of Jesus (BIBL 1100)4
TheologyDoctrine of the Church (CHIS 2000)4
TheologyPerson and Work of the Holy Spirit (THST 1000)4
TheologyChristian Theology (also available in Spanish)  (CHOG 1000)4
Church HistoryChurch History: From Jesus to the Present (CHIS 1000)4
Church HistoryChurch of God History (CHOG 1100)4
MissionFoundation of Mission (HCUS 1000)*4
 Book Report on The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer1
 Book Report on Christian Ethics by Robin Lovin1

* Course currently under development.

Electives for completing the Certification in Christian Ministry

A Center participant may select enough electives from the courses listed below to complete his or her 50 hours of Continuing Education Units (CEUs). A participant may choose electives that will prepare one for a specific ministry context, such as pastoral ministry, teaching, or biblical studies.

Course TitleCEUs
BibleA Biblical and Theological Study of Revelation (BINT 1400)7
BibleA Study of the Book of Acts (BINT 1500)4
BibleAn Introduction to Archaeology and History of the Ancient Near East (BIBL 2000)4
Church HistorySeven Doctrinal Leaders of the Church of God Reformation Movement (also available in Spanish)  (CHOG 2000)4
Church HistoryA Historical and Doctrinal View of the Church of God through its Music Heritage (CHOG 2100) 4
Leadership StudiesBiblical Leadership Speaks (LDSHP 1100)4
Pastoral MinistryHow to Write Biblical Messages (PLCR 1000)4
Pastoral MinistryAn Introduction to Pastoral Care (PCCS 1000)4
TheologyFaith Development (THST 1100)4
Reading/Book ReportMere Christianity, by CS Lewis (write report and submit on proper form)1
 Newell Lectures in Biblical Studies

This is a special program of training opportunities. The Center holds nearly 30 years of lectures by some of the world's foremost biblical scholars. These lectures were recorded at Anderson University's School of Theology for the annual Newell Lectures in Biblical Studies. A participant may listen to a CD set — approximately 5 hours of lecture — and write a two-page reaction to the lecture using the Book Report Form. Each Newell report receives 2 CEUs. See Center listing for all available lectures.

CEU Credit for Books Read (see the Book Reporting Form):

A participant may receive 1 CEU for every book read, no matter the book's length. The Center has a recommended reading list for development in either the Ministerial or Christian Studies Tracks.

For more information, complete course listings, and additional certification information, please contact us at:

The Center for Christian Leadership
Anderson University School of Theology
1100 East Fifth Street
Anderson, IN 46012-3495
Phone: 765-641-4530
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