Anderson, Indiana

Scholarly Works

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Scholarly Works

John H. Aukerman

Robert D. Branson Guy R. Brewer Barry L. Callen
  • 2008 A Pilgrim's Progress: The Autobiography of Barry L. Callen
  • 2007 Enriching Mind & Spirit: A History of Higher Education in the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)
  • 2006 Dr. Robert A. Nicholson (Callen, editor) So I Said Yes
  • 2005 Dr. James Earl Massey, (Callen, editor) African Americans and the Church of God (Anderson, Indiana)
  • 2004 Staying on Course: A Biography of Robert H. Reardon
  • 2003 The Wisdom of the Saints
  • 2002 Dr. James Earl Massey, (Callen, editor) Aspects of My Pilgrimage
  • 2002 Dr. Gustav Jeeninga,(Callen, editor) Doors to Life: The Stories of Gustav Jeeninga
  • 2002 Authentic Spirituality: Moving Beyond Mere Religion
  • 2002 Confessing and Celebrating: A Tract for Transitional Times
  • 2001 Dr. William C. Kostlevy and Dr. Barry L. Callen, eds., Heart of the Heritage
  • 2001 Dr. Douglas E. Welch, (Callen, editor) Ahead of His Times: A Life of George P. Tasker
  • 2000 Dr. Barry L. Callen, Clark H. Pinnock: Journey Toward Renewal
  • 1999 Radical Christianity: The Believers Church Tradition in Christianity's History and Future
  • 1995 Contours of a Cause: The Theological Vision of the Church of God Movement (Anderson)
  • 1992 Guide of Soul and Mind: The Story of Anderson University
  • 1991 Callen ed., Faith, Learning, and Life: Views from the President's Office of Anderson University
  • 1988 Preparing For Service: A History of Higher Education in the Church of God
  • 1962 Dr. John A. Morrison (Callen,editor) As The River Flows: An Autobiography
MaryAnn Hawkins and Juanita Leonard
  • 2009 A Thread of Hope: Church of God Women in Mission (Anderson University Press)
James W. Lewis Kimberly Majeski David L. Neidert Gregory A. Robertson Barry L. Ross
  • 2003 Our Incomparable God: A Commentary on Isaiah 40-55 (Fountain Press)
David L. Sebastian Merle D. Strege
  • 2009 The Quest for Holiness and Unity: Revised Edition
  • 2008 Tell Me the Tale: Historical Doctrines of the Church of God
  • 2006 Bible Backgrounds: Explanatory Notes on the Bible
  • 2002 I Saw the Church: The Life of the Church of God Told Theologically
  • 1993 Tell Me Another Tale: Further Reflections on the Church of God
  • 1989 A Look at the Church of God: The Story of the Church for Children
  • 1986 Baptism & Church: A Believers' Church Vision

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