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Student Services Information

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Student Services Information

This page is important for both new and returning students. The information here provides one locale for most forms needed by the School of Theology and Anderson University.

Registering for classes
The registration process starts every aspect of your academic year. Your registration, filed with the University Registrar, opens the windows for applying direct scholarships to your account and for your direct loan process (if you are planning to secure federal loans).

Your registration process starts with your assigned advisor. Please see them to begin this process. Forms for registration are available in the Office of Student Development. Your advisor will discuss your schedule, help you in filling out paperwork, and approve your courses.

Incoming students (during the summer) will be advised for the fall semester only through the Office of Student Development. All students must register for Spiritual Formation. Other courses may be selected related to the student’s intended status (either full time or part time). After the initial registration for incoming students, the student should work from that point forward with their assigned advisor.

Registration forms should be returned to the Office of Student Development for verification of information. This Office will make sure the forms are delivered to the University Registrar.

Student Testing
Each seminary student will be required to take the EQ-I as part of the orientation process. This inventory is designed to measure emotional intelligence, and will be incorporated in some coursework. Please go to Click here to complete the EQ-I. For instructions, login information, and passwords, see your e-mail correspondence or contact Dr. Guy Brewer.

Obtaining a Syllabus or Book List for Classes
Each professor has a faculty page in which they post personal and professional information, as well as their current syllabi. On the faculty page, click on your professor's web page link for a list of courses they are teaching. Under the course you are taking with them will be an upcoming syllabus complete with required reading. You may purchase books from the AU Bookstore or any preferred retailer.

Information and Forms for the School of Theology:

It is important to check each of these links for useful information. All are PDF unless specified.

Anderson University Services useful to students: